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If you have been diagnosed with Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia (WM) or care for someone who has, welcome to the WMFC family of WM patients, caregivers, friends and relatives. We are a community providing support, research and information on WM.

We are committed to finding a cure for WMPlease help us by being part of the Imagine a Cure campaign.

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Jan Gosta Waldenström (1906 – 1996)

 In 1944 the Swedish physician Jan Gosta Waldenström (1906 – 1996) identified a rare condition in which patients experienced a thickening of the serum (the liquid portion) of the blood. He described two patients who had bleeding in the area of the mouth and nose as well as in the retina of the eye, low red cell and platelet counts, high sedimentation rate, and lymph node involvement. Bone marrow biopsy showed excess lymphoid cells, yet there was no bone pain, excluding a diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Both patients had a large amount of a single unknown globulin with an extremely high molecular weight. We now know this globulin as IgM. His patients, as Dr. Waldenström himself described in 1961, had a “monoclonal gammopathy.”…learn more