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Ron Ternoway


WMFC Member was featured in the QEII Time – The Chronicle. The article discusses the support he has received from the QEII Hematology Clinic.


Priceless: Innovation and teamwork make the QEII’s Hematology Clinic a world-class resource for Nova Scotians

In 2006, 55-year-old Ron Ternoway began to experience blurred vision, body numbness and crippling fatigue. A year later, he was diagnosed with Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia, an extremely rare disorder which causes lymphocytes and plasma cells in the bone marrow to become cancerous, stifling production of normal red cells, white cells and platelets. Anemic and with a compromised immune system, Ron could no longer work.

Over the next seven years, Ron received a series of treatments and drugs at the QEII’s Hematology Clinic with little reprieve. By 2013, he’d become reliant on continual and physically-taxing blood transfusions.

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