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WhiMSICAL – Progress Report

WMFC Members, we received the following update on the WhiMSICAL program. Your participation is highly encouraged. Thank you for the support!


Waldendstom’s Macroglobulinemia Study Involving CArt-WheeL

a world-first, ethically-approved, comprehensive survey of patient – derived data about their WM experience



“Thank you for your interest and support for WhiMSICAL. WM patients have taken well to this patient and clinician researcher-led study and are entering their data into www.cart-wheel.org. With the strength of the IWMF driving the international rollout, there have been 70 new WM patients recruited to the study in 6 weeks! This takes the total to 139, with approximately 40 more registered due to complete their consent. Below is the breakdown of the recruited numbers by country since the international roll out in mid May.


We are aiming for 200 participants for an abstract submission to ASH this year (deadline 2nd August) to demonstrate the feasibility of such a global approach. Your help in getting a few more (English or with a family member who can read and write English) patients to join this coming fortnight is much needed and appreciated. The patient information leaflet is attached.


If you have any questions regarding WhiMSICAL, please feel free to email me.


Kind regards,


Ibrahim Tohidi-Esfahani

Haematology Fellow

WhiMSICAL co-Principal Investigator



WhiMSICAL Patient Info Leaflet 

WhiMSICAL Study Protocol