We are committed to finding a cure for WM.

WhimSICAL July 20 Update!

WMFC Members, we received the following update on the WhiMSICAL program. Your participation is highly encouraged. Thank you for the support!

Waldendstom’s Macroglobulinemia Study Involving CArt-WheeL

a world-first, ethically-approved, comprehensive survey of patient – derived data about their WM experience


Much appreciation and congratulations are in order for everyone who registered to participate in the WhimcSICAL WM Patient Database. As of Thursday, July 20, the initial goal of 200+ registered AND consented users has been reached. This helps ensure that the researchers working on the project will be able to submit an abstract for the American Society of Haematologists 2017 meeting in Atlanta on 9-12 December. 


However, for those who have registered, and for those who have not yet, consider: 

*There is strength in numbers – the more participants we have, the more weight can be given to the research findings – so if you haven’t registered and completed the online consent form yet – please do so!

*If you have registered and consented already, please be sure to enter your data (details of researchers and clinicians from around the world

If you enter your data by the end of July, it will be included in the study results presented in December. So, there is still time to update your details and enhance the abstract’s quality. Please login to your CART-WHEEL account at www.cart-wheel.org to check and if necessary update the following high priority data:

Question 9 – Your WM Testimonials

Question 19.1 – Your WM Symptoms

Question 19.5 – Your Pathology Results – particularly your IgM and Haemoglobin details at Diagnosis, at Start of Treatment, and at Completion of each Treatment course, and  your Most Recent results.

(You do not have to enter results from every blood test you have ever had since diagnosis at this time!)

Please send any questions to whimsical@iwmf.com


Thank you for your participation! Together we can ALL make a difference and help find a cure for WM!

Breakdown of 200+ participants by country:

US – 45%

Australia – 26%

Canada – 10%

UK -7%

NZ – 5%

Netherlands – 3%

Other participating countries include: Belgium, France, Russia, India and Sweden