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Dr. Trotman on BGB-3111 in Patients With Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia

Judith Trotman, MD, clinical associate professor, medicine, Concord Clinical School, The University of Sydney, discusses results of a trial investigating BGB-3111 in patients with Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia (WM).

BGB-3111 is a very specific BTK inhibitor that has a very high, very good partial response (VGPR) rate in patients with WM, Trotman explains. Results showed that patients with WM did have very good responses with reduction in IgM from 33 g/L to 6 g/L and a rise in hemoglobin from 100 g/L to 140 g/L.

Patients also tolerated the drug well without any of the toxicities often seen with BTK inhibitors. Adverse events included very minimal bruising as well as minimal serious bleeding. This was an extremely well tolerated BTK inhibitor, with an overall response rate of 90% with 43% of patients achieving VGPR, she adds.


Source: http://www.onclive.com/printer?url=/onclive-tv/dr-trotman-on-bgb3111-in-patients-with-waldenstroms-macroglobulinemia