We are committed to finding a cure for WM.

Book Recommendations


We are compiling a reading list of books that our members have recommended. Please feel free to send us titles that you have found inspiring and resourceful.



“Things I wish I’d Known – Cancer Caregivers Speak Out” – by Deborah Cornwall

“Cancer Caregiving A-Z” – American Cancer Society

” The Healing Circle” – Dr. Rob Rutledge

“Anti Cancer: A New Way of Life” – David Servan-Schreiber

“Twelve Weeks-An Artist’s Story of Cancer, Healing and Hope” – Karen Lee Sobol

                                     “Cancer is a Word, not a Sentence” – Dr. Robert Buckman

“The Chemo Zone” – Your Concise Guide to Living and Flourishing during Chemotherapy”-Linda   Rubietta

Please forward the title of any book YOU have found to be inspiring and helpful in your life.