We are committed to finding a cure for WM.

Video: Peter DeNardis – Patient Perspective on being newly diagnosed

Source: https://www.iwmf.com/library/media-library/peter-denardis-presentations

Recently, Dr. John Chapin, a Professor of Communications at the Pennsylvania State University’s Beaver Campus approached the IWMF about a project whereby his students would develop and produce short videos for the IWMF.
The end result is three new videos, which will be released separately via eNews and on the IWMF website as time permits.
The first video being released and made available presents Peter DeNardis, WM Patient and IWMF volunteer and Board Member, along with his family discussing how WM has affected them, and what life is like living with WM. They provide further proof that, as Pete has stated previously, there is life with WM!