We are committed to finding a cure for WM.

Imagine a Cure



Spring has arrived and the season of new beginnings and future growth is upon us.


The Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation of Canada is looking to you to support the future growth of research into Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia. Research to find the cause, effective treatment and ultimately a cure is one of the most important objectives of the WMFC, a non-profit, all volunteer foundation working tirelessly on your behalf.

            The “IMAGINE A CURE” campaign is the way all of us can help reach this objective. We kicked off our campaign in 2015 and are committed to raising $1,000,000 to invest in new and current research. One hundred percent of all research donations will be directed to this initiative.

            In the past 10 years, the WMFC has exceeded all expectations by donating more than $500,000 towards 4 research projects on WM. Our current project is to develop a T-cell therapy which will target an abnormal genetic mutation which has been shown to exist in almost all WM patients.

            Imagine the impact your donation can make in fighting this challenging disease. No one else is as invested as you and your family in reaching our goals.

            Please visit our website to donate on-line or print off a donation form and mail it in. Consider monthly, multi-year, stock option, a one-time gift or fundraising to support this vital research .Please give generously.

We are committed, are you?

Please support the IMAGINE A CURE campaign with a online donation or by using the form below