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WMFC Corporate


The overall purpose of WMFC Canada (serving as a chapter of the IWMF) has already been explained on the WMF Canada Home Page. The purpose of this Corporate Page is simply to provide a few further details of the WMF Canada organization (including its directors, officers, and “statutory members”).

1. Registration

The Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation of Canada was incorporated under Canadian legislation in late 2001. It qualifies for tax-exempt status as a registered charity (designated as a Charitable Organization) under the Income Tax Act and obtained its registration effective Dec 27, 2002. The charity’s Business Number is 86755 2713 RR0001 and it can issue tax receipts for contributions that will be deductible for income tax purposes by Canadian taxpayers.

2. Fiscal Procedures, Members, and “Statutory Members”

The fiscal year-end of WMF Canada is December 31 (the calendar year). The IWMF Board of Trustees has agreed that any member of WMF Canada is automatically a member of the IWMF.

As a starting position, back in summer 2003 all then current Canadian members of the IWMF were deemed to be automatically members of the WMF Canada. Thereafter, Canadian members annually take out or renew memberships in WMF Canada and all WMF Canada members are automatically members of the IWMF as well (and entitled to the Torch newsletter and the various TalkLists). Each fall a membership letter is mailed out inviting members to renew their memberships and fill out a voluntary contribution form and return it to the WMFC address 7 Shadwell Place, North York, ON M3B1J4. Gratifying responses have been received and the funds WMF Canada collects are then used for its two legal objects (see #8 below):

  • disseminating information
  • promoting and providing funds for WM-related research

Although every Canadian who has sent in a membership form is a member of WMF Canada and entitled to receive the Torch newsletter and use the TalkLists, a small subset of these members have been appointed “statutory members” for fiscal purposes. It is our intention to always have about 10 to 20 statutory members (i.e., between twice and four times the size of the Board of Directors), who will be available to make 1 or 2 meetings a year in Toronto and who will have the power and duty to elect directors and review the actions of the directors each year on your behalf. 
Provision will be made for an annual meeting of the statutory members of WMF Canada.
Financial statements will be prepared for the annual meeting of WMF Canada statutory members but will also be available for all to see on this website (see #3 below).

If you have an interest in being as a statutory member of WMFC please email Paul Kitchen at paul.kitchen@wmfc.ca or call him at 506 333-0744.  Statutory members are not required to meet in Toronto as the meetings would be through video conference technology. 


3. Financial Statements

Click on a year below to see the financial statements for that calendar year:

2019 — 17th year of operations

2018 — 16th year of operations

2017 — 15th year of operations

2016 — 14th year of operations

2015 — 13th year of operations

2014 — 12th year of operations

2013 — 11th year of operations

2012 — 10th year of operations

2011 — 9th year of operations- Revenue and Expense

2010 — 8th year of operations

2009 — 7th year of operations

2008 — 6th year of operations

2007 — 5th year of operations

2006 — 4th year of operations

2005 — 3rd year of operations

2004 — 2nd year of operations

2003 — 1st year of operations


4. Board of Directors

Directors of WMF Canada are:



Email Address

Paul Kitchen (506) 333-0744 paul.kitchen@wmfc.ca
Betty McPhee (647) 625-7440 betty.mcphee@wmfc.ca
Dave Johnston (416) 447-0367 drjohnston@sympatico.ca
Cam Fraser (403) 701-6999 cmfraser@shaw.ca
Raffaela Mercurio (416) 566-3606 raffaela.mercurio@wmfc.ca
Joe Lewicki   macroglobulinemia@gmail.com
Jim Mason   jimfarmhouse@gmail.com


5. Statutory Members

Statutory Members of WMF Canada are :


J.A. Clancy
Raffaela Mercurio
Lisa Dickie
Cam Fraser
Betty McPhee
Paul Kitchen
Chuck Murenbeeld
Dave Johnston
Ron Ternoway
Ian Roberts
Janet Cherry Parker
Danielle Gagnon
Paul Cadrin
Stu Boland
Bill Carbonneau
Joe Lewicki
Jim Mason



6. Officers

Officers of WMF Canada are:




email address

Chair Paul Kitchen (506) 333-0744 paul.kitchen@wmfc.ca
Vice-Chair Betty McPhee (647) 625-7440 betty.mcphee@wmfc.ca
Treasurer David Johnston (416) 447-0367 drjohnston@sympatico.ca
Secretary Raffaela Mercurio 416-242-7629   raffaela.mercurio@wmfc.ca


7. Purpose

The purposes of WMF Canada are to:

Provide a membership vehicle for WMers in Canada that will permit deduction of Canadian contributions for income tax purposes.

Help in the organization of local support groups across the country to add a personal dimension to the excellent resources already provided by the IWMF on line, by newsletters, and by conferences and educational fora.

Stimulate additional medical research into WM in Canada and elsewhere through financial contributions to these research efforts. Of course, all research, wherever located, ultimately benefits all WMers worldwide.

Organize educational forums with leading doctors, researchers and support staff who specialize in WM.

These purposes are captured in the more formal language of the Letters Patent of WMF Canada, as set out in #8 below.



8. Legal Objects

The legal objects of WMF Canada, as set out in its Letters Patent, are:

To receive and maintain a fund or funds and to apply all or part of the principal and income therefrom, from time to time, for charitable purposes, and in particular for the following charitable purposes:

  • to undertake public education, family support services, dissemination and publication of information about Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia disease, and to coordinate medical care and social services for persons suffering from Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia
  • To promote and provide funds for research in the cause, control and cure of Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia