We are committed to finding a cure for WM.

What Happens Now?

You have just been diagnosed with Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia. A look of bewilderment flashes across your face and you say, “I have what?” The next few minutes are spent trying to pronounce it, let alone ask what it means and what happens now.

What happens now is you immediately Google WM. Perhaps your doctor is a bit bewildered too.

From this moment on YOU can make a difference. The websites of the WMFC and IWMF pop up. The click of the mouse will change your life forever. This is where a glimmer of hope flashes in your mind and you realize you are not alone.You have found the most comprehensive information available on this rare disease. Most importantly, you have found a support network of fellow WM patients.

WM is classified as an orphan disease –  nearly 5 per million are annually diagnosed with it. But how many more are unknowingly living with WM for many years?

For this reason it is of paramount importance that we all stand up to be counted, each of us adding another voice to the movement.

Whether you are looking at this page for the first time, or have been attending support group meetings for years, the importance of joining the membership of the WMFC is vital to the amount of research, support and power of communication that can be provided. Your support allows us to unite to encourage the interest of doctors, researchers and pharmaceutical companies – investing in research, improved treatments, open discussions and forums and access to information and ultimately a cure are all possible by pulling together.

What happens now depends on you.

You can sit on the sidelines or be part of the cure.

Register for your membership today to be recognized and to demonstrate that patients diagnosed with WM are as deserving of the resources afforded other cancers.

Take action right now –  begin or renew your membership – put your support behind the research and support teams who are working for you.