We are committed to finding a cure for WM.


Living with a rare disease can make a person feel isolated and lonely. We are reaching out to those in our communities who are living with Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia to join us in support of one another. Meeting face to face with others who know what we are struggling with is invaluable. The opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and comfort is the goal. We encourage all family and friends to join us as well.

If you would benefit or could offer support to others with WM please contact Paul Kitchen. Listed here are the support groups available in your area and if one is not available and you are interested in reaching out in your community we can assist you in doing so.

Currently there are seven Canadian WM support groups:

Toronto WM Support Group

Contact Betty McPhee –   betty.mcphee@wmfc.ca – 647-625-7440


Oakville WM Support Group



Vancouver WM Support Group

Contact Kit Schindell kitschindell@gmail.com


Calgary WM Support Group:

Contact Stu Boland at stu_boland@hotmail.com, alternatively, Cam Fraser at cmfraser@shaw.ca 


Ottawa WM Support Group :

Contact Janet Parcher-Cherry at jmpcherry@hotmail.com –  tel (613) 596-1413


Montreal WM Support Group

Danielle Gagnon danielle@odessacanada.com
Paul Cadrin. paulcadrin@hotmail.com


Halifax, N.S. WM Support Group:

Contact Ron Ternoway at rternoway@gmail.com    or 1-866-768-8467